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7 Tips to Create an Indie Aesthetic Room

Written by Helen Boogzel


Posted on January 17 2022

🌼 Indie aesthetic is a beautiful decor style that’s characterized by trendy patterns, soft pastels, and witchy or cottagecore vibes. Tapestries, plants, and wall decor are great ways to add these themes into your room. We have the perfect decor for you to complete your own indie aesthetic bedroom!


1. Soft Pastel Decor 💙

If you love soft purples, pinks, greens, and blues, the indie vibe is perfect for you! With pretty, soft pastels, your room will be a relaxing and fun place to hang out. Anything in your room can be a pastel color, including this dreamy Pastel Clouds Tapestry and our fun Pastel Heart Storage Basket!

pastel cloud tapestry roomterypastel heart starage basket boogzel apparel

2. Decorative Lighting

Don’t overlook the importance of good lighting for your room. Decorative lighting ranges from fun, playful lights to soft, dreamy options. If you’re interested in a more playful lighting option, consider our Rainbow Shell Table Lamp or our Strawberry Touch Night Light. Or, if you’re interested in a dreamier vibe, consider our Sunset Projector and enjoy a beautiful sunset even on the cloudiest days

rainbow shell table lamp roomtery strawberry touch night amp boogzel apparel


3. Cottagecore Vibes 🌿

If you love the soft, feminine, and nature-inspired cottagecore aesthetic, our aesthetic decor options are perfect for you. Cottagecore decor options have lots of inspiration from nature, including decor like our Fairy Mushroom Hanging Decor. You also could choose more soft and feminine designs like our Cottage Calling Floral Tablecloth!

roomtery hangigng mushroom decor cottagecore tablecloth boogzel apparel

4. Witchy Inspiration 🔮

Witchy décor is trendy right now, and the indie aesthetic can have lots of these elements. You may see tarot cards and other magical features. Our Made of Magic Tapestry and Kitchen Witchery Vintage Poster are great additions to your walls to express your inner witchy self! If you’re looking for a truly witchy vibe, check out the Hexagon Crystal Desk Decor, available in multiple different stones including amethyst, rose quartz, and more!

magic tapestry boogzel apparel kitchen witchposter boogzel apparel

5. Trendy Patterns 🏁

Grid, checkered, and gingham print and gradients are all trendy patterns that fit the indie aesthetic. More neutral patterns are perfect for your bedding, such as our Checker Bedding Set. Pair your toned-down bed set with fun patterns for your pillows, blankets, or tapestries, like the Checkered Carpet. The result? A picture-perfect indie aesthetic room!

checkered bedding set boogzel apparel checkered carpet boogzel apparel

6. Plants 🌱

Few styles look complete without the addition of plants or plant décor, and this is no exception! Decorative vines are one of the most popular options for this trend. Consider lining your room or polaroid wall with our Artificial Vines Pack. Or, if you prefer real plants, purchase one of our indie aesthetic vases, such as our Modern Abstract Acrylic Vase and fill it with your favorite greenery.

wall vines roomtery modern abstract acrylic vase boogzel apparel

7. Playful Accessories

Do you love fun and playful décor? Adorable figurines, fun plushies, and animal decor are all common with the indie aesthetic. Our Indie Aesthetic Flower Pillow is a cute addition to any bed or bedroom chair. For a perfectly adorable choice to complete your bookshelf, desk, or vanity, try our Kawaii Aesthetic Acrylic Vases!

flower pillow boogzel apparel

Complete Your Indie Aesthetic Room Today 🌼
At Boogzel Apparel and Roomtery, we have the perfect aesthetic room decor for you. Browse our selections and find what makes you happy!

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