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7 Ways to Achieve Emo Aesthetic

Written by Helen Boogzel


Posted on May 05 2022

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Do you love EMO Aesthetic?

This aesthetic was originally born from a style of punk music.

You may recognize emo aesthetic outfits by oversized hoodies, skull and heart motifs, studded belts and other accessories. Not to mention wearing black from head to toe! And, while you can certainly love emo fashion without changing your hair or body, you can really embrace and embody the aesthetic with dyed black hair and side-swept bangs, black eyeliner, and piercings.
Just don’t confuse emo with goth or scene. While they share some similarities and are often confused with one another, they are different.

Here are our 7 best tips for achieving the emo look when it comes to clothing and accessories!

🌸 1. Black and Pink

Emo aesthetic is associated with dark colors, particularly black. Skeleton Hands Embroidery Jeans is such a cute way to add more black to your wardrobe!

emo aesthetic clothes boogzel apparel emo aesthetic clothes boogzel apparel


Another popular combination for emo style is black and pink. Add a streak of pink to your black hair with Clip In Color Extensions (as Avril Lavigne in 2007!). Or use a pink hair clip like the Aesthetic Bow Hair Clip.

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2. Platform Shoes

Do you want to be emo from head to toe? These black and white Platform Sneakers are perfect and will be cute with any emo aesthetic outfits you want to wear. They have a heart on them too! Or go with these Moto Grunge Boots which have lots of laces and a chunky heel.

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💔 3. Hearts / Broken Hearts and Smiley / Frowny Faces

Use motifs that display your emotions for all to see. Try something like the Barbed Heart Rhinestone Crop Top, which does a great job evoking the emo aesthetic. Or wear the 2 Moods Anxiety Reversible Ring, which you can spin like a fidget toy or wear on the side that best fits today’s mood.

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4. Skulls and Skeletons

Oversized hoodies are one of the hallmarks of emo style, and so are skull and skeleton motifs. When you put both of those things together, you get our Skeleton Hoodie!

skeleton hoodie boogzel apparel skeleton hoodie boogzel apparelemo aesthetic clothes


5. Metal Rivets and Studded Accessories

Black goes so well with silver metal accents. Emo style often incorporates metal rivets and studs into accessories, shoes, and jewelry. This Rivet Belt is the perfect finishing touch for an emo outfit with its black color and silver accents.

emo belt boogzel apparelaesthetic belt boogzel apparel

6. Arm and Leg Warmers

When you picture emo aesthetic, you might picture someone wearing arm or leg warmers. These cozy Knitted Leg Warmers will pair perfectly with your platform shoes or a pair of fuzzy slippers.

emo leg warmers boogzel apparel emo leg warmers boogzel apparel

7. Striped and Checkered Prints

Stripes are a popular pattern in emo aesthetic. Combine stripes with leg warmers and what do you get? Our Striped Leg Warmers! Whether you choose black/white or black/pink colors, these knitted leg warmers are perfect for emo aesthetic.
Checkered patterns are also perfect for emo aesthetic outfits. You can embrace this emo inspired pattern with our Butterfly Argyle Pattern iPhone Case.

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Shop the Emo Aesthetic Collection at Boogzel Apparel, where we have a wide selection of clothing and accessories so you can put together your perfect outfit!

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