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5 reasons why you need an Anxiety spinning ring!  ✨🔮

Written by Helen Boogzel


Posted on February 19 2022

what is anxiety spinning ring
🌼 Are you looking for aesthetic jewelry that will also help your anxiety and boredom? Spinning rings are the perfect solution! Fidget spinner rings have a separate component that allows the top of the ring to spin without moving the bottom piece. Here’s why you should buy your own!


1) They’re the Perfect Complement to Any Outfit 💙

If you’re looking for an aesthetic piece of jewelry that can add some personality to any outfit, our anxiety spin rings are a great solution. With our on-trend designs, you’ll have something for any wardrobe choice.
For example, our smiley face ring is solid silver, perfect for any combination of colors or styles. Our colorful butterfly rings are a great way to add a pop of color to your outfit of the day. The bright and cheerful flower ring is another cute option. You’ll love the way a spin ring completes your outfit!

anxiety ring boogzel apparel anxiety ring boogzel apparel


2) You’ll Feel Less Anxious and Bored ✨

Anxiety and stress cause a buildup of uncomfortable, negative energy. This leads to a constant stream of negative thoughts and makes it difficult to perform even basic tasks. One way to help anxiety is to do a simple, repetitive task. When you spin one of our rings, you’re able to distract your mind from anxious thoughts. You’ll be able to go about your day with less stress! It’s kind of like the fidget spinners that were popular a few years ago, but much cuter!

anxiety spinning ring boogzel apparel


3) You Can Break Your Bad Habits 🌱

Most of the time when we’re stressed, anxious, or bored, we begin to fidget. This anxious energy can cause us to have bad habits, such as biting our nails, picking at our skin, or biting our lips. When you have something that you can fuel this anxious energy into, you’re less likely to do your bad habits.
An anxiety spin ring is a great way to fidget with something without causing any harm or noise. You can use the silent rings in any situation, helping you break your habits no matter where you are.

flower spinning ring boogzel apparel flower spin ring boogzel apparel

4) They’ll Help You Focus 🔍

Do you feel like you can never sit still? Having to constantly move makes it hard to focus. Fidget spinner rings are a simple, discreet way to regain your attention. Moving the ring each time you feel like you’re losing attention will help you refocus your attention. With the help of a convenient fidget option like our spinning rings, you’ll be able to boost your productivity at school or work!

butterfly anxiety ring boogzel apparel colorful anxiety spinning ring boogzel apparel


5) Spinning Rings Are the Perfect Gift

If you’re looking for a thoughtful, beautiful gift, spin rings are perfect. Because of all the amazing benefits that spin rings provide, your partner, family member, friend, or other gift recipient will love how thoughtful your present is. With all of the different options you can choose from, there’s a design perfect for anyone!

P.S. Your partner can also benefit from spinning anxiety ring while holding your hand! ;)



Boogzel has the best Fidget Spinner Rings Collection for You

Spin rings aren’t just cute – they’re very beneficial as well. Visit Boogzel Apparel to choose one of our smiley face, flower, or butterfly spin ring options for you or a loved one today!




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