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About Us

Boogzel Clothing is an online boutique featuring aesthetic clothing and accessoires


Here you can find inspiration for any aesthetic outfit idea: indie outfits, Y2K aesthetic, soft girl aesthetic, fairycore style, 90's and grunge style, grandmother aesthetic clothes, pastel and artsy outfits

  • Boogzel Clothing started in 2012 in a tiny apartment stacked with edgy clothes and a single laptop
story of Boogzel Apparel brand
story of brand Boogzel Apparel
First version of our online store, published in 2012

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      • Boogzel strongly believes that fashion should be affordable and more sustainable


      Boogzel Apparel Rebrands to Boogzel Clothing: What You Need to Know

      • In 2023, we underwent a rebranding process to better reflect our mission and values.
      • As a result, Boogzel Apparel is now Boogzel Clothing - your favorite aesthetic brand! Despite our new name, we remain committed to offering the same high-quality aesthetic clothing and exceptional customer service that you have come to expect from us.
      • So if you're wondering if Boogzel Apparel is the same as Boogzel Clothing, the answer is yes!

      We're excited to continue serving you under our new name and hope you'll love our refreshed look and feel

      Boogzel Clothing (ex Boogzel Apparel) offers the best aesthetic outfits online. Boogzel covers 20 types of aesthetic styles, including:

      1. Cottagecore Outfits and Clothes Collection
      2. Y2K Outfits
      3. Dark Academia Outfits
      4. Downtown Girl Outfits
      5. Danish Pastel Outfits
      6. Fairycore Outfits
      7. French Outfits
      8. Grunge Outfits
      9. Grandma Outfits
      10. Indie Outfits
      11. Old Money Outfits
      12. Preppy Outfits
      13. Soft Girl Outfits
      14. Skater Girl Outfits
      15. 90s & Vintage Outfits
      16. Butterfly Outfits
      17. Rainbow Outfits
      18. Sun & Moon Outfits
      19. Aesthetic Outfits
      20. StarGirl Aesthetic