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Cute Aesthetic Wall Projectors for Every Style

Written by Helen Boogzel


Posted on July 18 2022

✨ Do you want to make your photos or videos look better? ✨

Do you feel like your room is missing something, but you’re not sure what it needs?

Aesthetic projector lights are an inexpensive, fun way to make your room feel more magical! ✨ 🌠

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What are wall projector lights and how do they work?

Aesthetic projector lights are simply a light shining through a translucent sheet with a picture on it. The picture is tiny on the projector light, but it becomes much bigger on your wall. Moving the projector closer to the wall will make the picture smaller and brighter. Moving it farther away will make the picture bigger.

Our wall projectors are battery-powered, so you don’t need to plug them into a wall outlet. They are small so you can move them anywhere you want.


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These cute projectors take up very little space so they work well even in small rooms.

For your wall projector to work, you will need a blank wall and a table or other surface to set the projector on. White walls work great, though other colors can work too. Just make sure your wall doesn’t have busy wallpaper pattern, or that will distract from the projected image. Projectors work better in low-light or dark rooms.

🌼 Aesthetic projector lights as room décor

Many interior designers agree that lighting, especially lamps, are the best way to create a cozy, welcoming ambience. Aesthetic projector lights add to the ambience of your room. However, instead of just providing light, they also provide something interesting to look at. They look beautiful as a way to add art to your walls without hanging a poster.

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🌼 Aesthetic wall projectors as photo/video backdrops

Want to take your photography or videos to the next level? Aside from room décor, wall projectors are great backdrops for taking creative selfies and TikToks. Pose for a picture in front of your fake window wall projector light for vacation vibes. Or make a TikTok video in front of your 8 Colors Y2K Heart Wall Projector light. Your shadow will create an interesting silhouette. It’ll be much more artistic than just posing in front of a boring wall!

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🌼 More of the best aesthetic wall projectors

• Get five styles in one so you can change your room’s ambience whenever you want! The 5 Styles Fake Window Wall Projector lamp features airplane window, train window, and ocean views.

• Similarly, the 5 Styles Shimmering Water Light features beautiful aesthetic pictures of flowers, lakeside views, mountains and more. Just switch the water wall projector light sheet to change up the vibes.

• Create a gorgeous vibe in your room with the lovely Butterfly Wings Projector. With two different styles available, Boogzel butterfly wall projectors are perfect for fairycore aesthetic bedrooms and photography backdrops.

• The dreamy Cloudy Sky Wall Projector is perfect for softgirl or any other aesthetic. It will always look fantastic no matter your unique style.

• Looking for a sunset or rainbow projector instead of aesthetic pictures? Sunset projectors are essential for taking aesthetic photos and TikToks. The 12 Colors Sunset Projector provides beautiful rainbow and sunset light. It’ll make your room look magical!

Check out all our aesthetic projector lights, as well as table lamps and string lights, at Boogzel Home!

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