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• Our love

We love our buyers and responsibly treat our job. Each customer is important for us because we work for our reputation and always welcome new friends!

• Support in all stages of order

We give 100% guarantee of receiving the goods and undertake to provide full support and maintenance from the moment of order registration to the moment of its receipt. If you place your order at Boogzel Apparel, be sure that we will help you in all stages of receiving it: We will give the tracking number, we will help to track it and even, if post loses the parcel, we will send your order again

• Safety

All our buyers are protected from fraud. It is in our interest to deliver your order

• Tracking numbers

We give tracking numbers in terms up to 14 days after you made the payment, with them you can track you parcel yourself. With tracking number we give the link of website, where it is convenient to track your parcel. If three weeks passed since you had received the tracking number, and you still cannot track you parcel, you can contact the support - we will certainly help you.