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6 Ways to Create a Grandmother Aesthetic Outfit

Written by Helen Boogzel


Posted on December 26 2021

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Do you love grandmother aesthetic?

Comfy, eclectic vintage-inspired outfits are in style! You might have heard of as grandmacore or grandmother aesthetic. If you want to participate in the grandma aesthetic trend, here are a few tips to try out.


1. Sweaters 🌼

Many grandmother aesthetic outfits are based around sweaters. From oversized, cozy pieces to 70s and 80s-inspired prints, grandmacore sweaters are meant to emulate what your own grandmother might wear. This is one of the most comfortable trends to follow. Our Fisherman Embroidery Vintage Sweater and 80's Grandma V-Neck Sweater could be the perfect sweater choices for you!

grandmother aesthetic sweater vintage aesthetic sweater


2. Vintage Prints 🌼

Since the grandmother aesthetic is inspired by our own grandparents, the trend is full of fabrics and knits that are throwbacks to past decades. You’ll find lots of patterns inspired by the 60s, 70s, and 80s dominating this trend. Traditional staples like argyle, plaid, and stripes are just some of the many prints that are popular with grandmacore clothing. Try our 80’s Grandma Argyle Sweater for a soft and warm layer. Or, if you’re looking to accessorize, consider our Grandmother Aesthetic Socks


3. Old-Fashioned Vibe 🌼

If you love anything and everything old-fashioned, you’ll have grandmacore down in no time. Clothing pieces that feel old-fashioned are considered fashionable and appropriate for the grandma aesthetic. Accessorizing is a great way for you to capture an old-fashioned vibe. There’s nothing more old-fashioned than a pair of vintage-inspired glasses, shoes, or socks. We have the perfect accessories for you to try. Consider our Totally Agreed Round Glasses or our Dogtooth Check Sock Sandals!

grandmother sunglassesaesthetic sandals


4. Muted Colors 🌼

While you can definitely find some fun and funky 80’s inspired patterns in the grandmacore trend, muted colors are very popular. Our One Way Ticket Cord Baggy Pants are the perfect base for any grandmother aesthetic outfit. They come in muted green, brown, or beige. Or, try out our brown Grandpa Zip Up Sweatshirt. If you love neutrals, this aesthetic is a perfect way to express yourself!

aesthetic baggy pants aesthetic sweatshirt


5. Cozy and Oversized 🌼

Do you love anything soft and cozy? You’ll find lots of soft, oversized items in this trend. Sweaters, sweatshirts, vests, and even pants tend to be oversized. For example, our 80’s Grandma Knit Sweater is not only perfectly oversized but is soft and comfortable as well. Our big and comfy 80’s Grandma Sweater is also a cute choice to express your inner grandma!

grandmother sweater grandmother aesthetic sweater


5. Warm Layers 🌼

Grandmacore clothing is all about being warm. The best way to stay warm and fashionable at the same time is with layers. Sweaters are an excellent choice for adding layers to your look. Vests, such as our Button Up Argyle Vest are also a great way to add dimension to your wardrobe. Or, go a slightly more warm cardigan, like our Grandma Cardigan

aesthetic vest grandmother cardigan

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