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9 Ways to Achieve the Downtown Girl Aesthetic

Written by Helen Boogzel


Posted on July 30 2023


7 Ways to Achieve the Downtown Girl Aesthetic

Do you love the vibe of downtown girl aesthetic? This aesthetic makes it easy to imagine that you’re walking through New York City listening to your favorite music, visiting your favorite vintage bookstore and reading at a coffee shop 🎧 ☕


Here are 9 tips for anyone who wants the downtown girl aesthetic style


1. Get inspired by autumn 🍂

Downtown girls are most often inspired by the autumn season. This influences color palette, clothing choice and more. Warm and cozy clothing is essential, including boots, knitwear, and jackets. The Lebanon Boots are cute with any autumn outfit and are perfect for the downtown girl aesthetic. Softie Heart Arm Warmers will keep you cozy when the weather gets cool.

2. Oversized clothing 🎸

Clothing that’s a little bit baggy will give you the casual vibes you’re looking for. This might be oversized jeans, a big sweater, or an oversized jacket, for a few examples. Our Got Chemistry Aesthetic Cargo Pants are so cute, with oversized pockets and a tie detail!

3. Earthy color palette

Browns, tans, greens, and neutrals are the best colors for achieving downtown girl aesthetic style. Try the Morning Coffee Hair Claw for an effortless casual hairstyle that fits the aesthetic. Add the Stay Simple iPhone case to achieve the aesthetic down to the last detail.


4. Cozy sweaters / jumpers - downtown girl must have 🍁

Cozy, warm knitwear is an excellent way to start a downtown girl aesthetic outfit. Pair with jeans, a skirt, or whatever you like! The black and white stripes of our Cozy Grandma Sweater fit this aesthetic perfectly. Another great choice is the Local Coffee Shop Knit Hoodie. Both will give you the vibe you’re looking for.

6. Schoolgirl skirts 🎧

Downtown girl aesthetic style is influenced by Rory Gilmore, the star of Gilmore Girls. Rory often wears her school uniform, which includes a navy plaid skirt. She pairs it with a button-down shirt and sweater vest or a blazer. The Gossip Goes Around Mini Skirt and Meet Me On Campus Plaid Skirt are both perfect for this look!

7. Star prints and patches

Star Prints have become the hottest trend in downtowngirl aesthetic clothing, with stars adorning everything from long sleeves to jeans with star patches, bags, accessories like necklaces, and even star-studded shoes, adding an old-school touch to every aspect of the outfit

8. Coffee, Music, Repeat ☕🎵

Incorporating coffee and music-related prints and accessories into your outfits is a fantastic idea. Not only does it add a touch of personality and uniqueness to your style, but it also perfectly complements the downtown girl aesthetic.

Start with a vintage-inspired Vinyl Print Crop Top, paired effortlessly with wide leg jeans. Layer on a cozy oversized cardigan for those cool urban evenings. Complete the look with our Iced Coffee Aesthetic IPhone Case

9. Downtown Girl Aesthetic Shoes ☕🎵

The downtown girl aesthetic is all about comfort, so you need comfortable footwear. Additionally, you'll want a warm pair for autumn or winter in the big city. We recommend checking out aesthetic sneakers, especially black and white options with a star design. 

For the fall season, consider chunky platform boots. They not only perfectly match the downtown girl aesthetic but also keep you warm and cozy while shopping in a bookstore

Aesthetic Star Sneakers - at ShoeMighty
Image from ShoeMighty

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