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The Only Cottagecore Aesthetic Guide You'll Ever Need

Written by Helen Boogzel


Posted on May 01 2024

Cottagecore Aesthetic

The Cottagecore aesthetic has been a social media favorite over the last few years and it’s not going anywhere anytime soon. We’re sure you’ve seen it everywhere. You’d have to be living under a rock, far out in the countryside if you don’t think you’ve ever seen the cottagecore aesthetic before. Either way, fear not. 

If you’re already cottagecore obsessed, we’re here to help you take your country-inspired style to the next level. And if you’re unfamiliar with cottagecore? Well, you’ll be just as obsessed and ready to slip into your closest cottagecore inspired outfit by the time you’re done reading this post.


Before we delve deep into the woods of cottagecore style, a little history lesson about the aesthetic is in order.

With floral patterns, nature-themed designs, woodsy motifs, neutral shades, vibrant hues, and pretty pastels, it’s easy to see how the cottagecore aesthetic takes inspiration from the desire to escape. And how long have people wanted to find an escape? Well, it’s pretty safe to assume that people have wanted to find any form of escape since the beginning of time. Literally.

Surprise! Surprise! But cottagecore is not a new trend. Far from it. In fact, you may even consider it as one of the oldest fashion trends, dating all the way back to ancient Greece. Even at that time, citizens of ancient Greece wanted to create a paradise out in the woods or in the fields that they could escape to. For cottagecore’s style ancestors living in the metropolis of Alexandra, they were recorded as having wanted to jump into the ancient version of the getaway car and laze in the peace and solitude of Arcadia.

Fast forward some two thousand years later to England’s Elizabeth an era and not much had changed. In fact, it was in the 1500’s when pastoral style (aka modern day cottagecore) is recorded to have become in vogue.

Cottagecore Aesthetic History Marie Antoinette

The style was so in fashion that even Marie Antoinette was painted out of her royal garb and wearing the French version of cottagecore style back in the 18th century. Indeed, after her pastoral portrait was unveiled, the last queen of France had an entire rustic village built. Complete with meadows, cottages, lakes, grottos, a dairy, vegetable gardens, vineyards, and orchards, it was her ideal escape from the French royal courts. It’s even said that while at the village, the queen and her entourage would pretend and dress up as farmers and shepherdesses. It was the French 18 th century version of cottagecore cosplay.

So yes, before your favorite celebrities and influencers were donning cottagecore style, the last queen of France was way ahead of the trend. And while we may not all be able to build our very own rustic village, we can all indulge in the cottagecore aesthetic.

Modern Cottagecore

Modern day cottagecore has also been influenced by all the wonderful period shows and movies that we’ve been indulging in like Bridgerton, the Buccaneers, and Persuasion. Now, having had a quick look at the history of cottagecore style, it comes as no surprise to see how the cottagecore aesthetic has become exponentially popular.

Over the last few years, having spent inordinately extended periods of time at home during the pandemic, everyone was getting domesticated, cooking, baking, and gardening - in otherwords, getting into the cottagecore life. At the same time, who isn’t in constant search for an escape from the hustle and bustle of modern, city-living? We can all imagine frolicking in the fields, swimming in the sunshine, or running away to the countryside without a care in the world. If only.

Modern Cottagecore

How to Create the Cottagecore Look

Well, today’s your lucky day. We won’t be able to book your quickest escape to the farthest country cottage but we’re here to help you enjoy your own version of cottagecore style from the comfort of your own home. You may be surprised how many of the design motifs that Marie Antoinette dressed in are still present in today’s modern cottagecore aesthetic – bows, large collars, ruffles, straw hats, and florals are just a few of them.

Whether it’s in your clothes or in your home, there are many ways to incorporate the cottagecore look into your everyday. Time to take notes cause we’re breaking down the key elements for you to create the perfect cottagecore style for any occasion.


As Miley Cyrus herself said, you can buy yourself flowers. In this case, we’re talking shirts, skirts, jumpers, jeans, and everything in between that have flowers on them. Of course, that includes dresses too. Nothing exudes the charm of the cottagecore aesthetic than floral fashion.

Cottagecore Aesthetic Prince Catherine of Wales Kate Middleton

No one has done cottagecore chic like Catherine, the Princess of Wales. Whether it be an outdoor event, a city engagement, or even a school run, florals are one of her go-to prints. Throughout the years, Princess Kate has been snapped in a wide range of colors featuring cottagecore-perfect floral prints.

Celebrities in Cottagecore Aesthetic

Now, you obviously don’t need a royal title to make cottagecore florals your own go-to closet staple. Take it from the countless fashion favorite celebrities who also opt to wear cottagecore style florals frequently. Selena Gomez, Jennifer Lopez, Sienna Miller, Alexa Chung, and Emma Stone are just a few of the floral-wearing stars. Take inspiration and wear a rose printed wrap top, a sunflower embroidered jumper, or a floral denim skirt for the most cottagecore of themes. If you’d prefer something a bit subtler, opt for a floral purse or even floral shoes.

Cottagecore Corset

Cottagecore Corset

Channel your inner sexy milkmaid in a modern version of the old school corset for the perfect cottagecore look. These days, you don’t have to wear a corset over a top or keep it hidden underneath one. Cinch that waist and wear a corset on its own just like Florence Pugh, Margot Robbie, and Emily Ratajkowski have. 

Celebrities in Cottagecore Corsets

Full length or cropped, strapless, with straps or even with sleeves, there are many corset options for you to choose from. For the full cottagecore style, choose a floral print corset or one with ribbons, ruffles and ruching. Whatever style you choose, put that corset on and give that milkmaid a run for her dairy!

Knitted Jumpers, Cardigans, and Vests

Few things scream cozy cottagecore as loudly as a knitted jumper, cardigan, or vest. Just imagine yourself strolling about a dewy field through the fog and chill of an early morning in the countryside. The scene could only be complete if you were wearing a cottagecore style knitted top, with a charming cottagecore design knitted throughout. After all, stepping out of your country cottage requires a cute layer of warmth. Luckily, you don’t actually need to be in the countryside or live in a cottage to dawn your own knitted top.

Princess Diana, Harry Styles, John Legend in Cottagecore Knitted Tops

Still a huge fashion influence to this day, Princess Diana’s perfect cottagecore jumper with its sheep design has been reincarnated for men today. Stylish gentlemen like John Legend and Harry Styles have been spotted wearing a long sleeve and a sleeveless version of it.

David Beckham and Lewis Hamilton in Cottagecore Knitted Tops

Yes, men can get into the cottagecore trend with their own eye-catching knitted jumper, cardigan, or vest. Just ask David Beckham and Lewis Hamilton, both of whom frequently slip into their cozy cottagecore knits.

Celebrities in Cottagecore Knitted Tops

Taking a cue from her own mother-in-law, of course Princess Catherine has also donned her own favorite red knitted jumper, complete with a charming floral motif and worn with a Peter Pan collar peeping out of the neckline. It’s a holiday version of cottagecore style worn to perfection.

Some of the other women leading the way in cottagecore knit style are Kendall Jenner, Gigi Hadid, and Emma Roberts who have all been out and about wearing knitted cardigans, floral jumpers, and even twin sets. It just goes to show that wearing a knitted top is one of the cutest and easiest ways to incorporate cottagecore style into your everyday wardrobe.


Aside from floral prints, a gingham pattern is essential to the cottagecore aesthetic. Whether it be blue, green, yellow or any other color, the checkered print goes hand in hand with cottagecore style. Wear gingham combined with a floral or fruit design and you’ll be taking your cottagecore look to a whole new level.

Blue Cottagecore Gingham
Celebrities in Cottagecore Gingham

Now, if you feel like you can’t get away in head to toe gingham or in a full gingham garment without looking like a picnic table cloth (it does take some fashion bravery), go for a gingham patterned accessory instead. A gingham purse or gingham shoes are just right for a hint of cottagecore style.

Prairie Dresses and Prairie Skirts

From its name alone, you already know that it belongs to the cottagecore aesthetic. A prairie dress or prairie skirt is just another cottagecore must-have. Known for its A-line cut and usually with one of two-tiers, the prairie style is not only stylish but also a comfortable cottagecore garment. Its loose cut gives you freedom to frolic from day to night. 

Catherine Princess of Wales in Cottagecore Prairie Dresses

Take it from the queen of the cottagecore aesthetic aka Princess Kate, who has also frequently donned a fashionable prairie dress. From strolling about a garden in a coordinate floral prairie dress to walking the red carpet in an evening version of the style, the princess proves that a prairie dress is the perfect piece of cottagecore clothing for all occasions.

Celebrities in Cottagecore Prairie Dresses

Choose a casual and short floral version of the prairie skirt and wear it with your favorite tank top or opt for a summer-perfect prairie dress just like Blake Lively, Natalie Portman, and Nicky Hilton frequently do. As the temperature rises, you’ll be glad to keep it cool in an easy breezy prairie design.


Longtime style star Gwyneth Paltrow has been giving a masterclass on wearing ruffles for years. From morning errands, afternoon meetings to evening ball gowns, the Hollywood star proves that cottagecore inspired ruffles look good with everything. Taylor Swift, Zendaya Emma Stone, Chrissy Teigen, and Margot Robbie are just a few of the many who agree. Wear a sheer ruffled tank top for a risque take on cottagecore style or go a bit demurer in a solid ruffled tank.

Gwyneth Paltrow in Cottagecore Ruffles
Celebrities in Cottagecore Ruffles

Large, Statement Collars

Go big or go home. Cottagecore is also all about the big, statement-making collars. Once again proving that they’re both the queens of cottagecore, Princess Diana and Princess Kate both wore similar blue dresses with white statement collars, which is just one among their many cottagecore aesthetic outfits. Worn decades apart, it goes to show that cottagecore is an enduring aesthetic.

Celebrities in Cottagecore Large Statement Collars

Whether it’s a cottagecore style neckline with an extremely pointed collar like Kiera Knightley has also worn, a oversized square collar like Kate Hudson and Margot Robbie favor, Sofia Richie's large ruffled collar, or a rounded Peter Pan style collar, it’s all about making a statement around your neckline. Add a bit of ruffles to that collar to take your cottagecore look even further.

Celebrities in Cottagecore Large Statement Collars


No fair maiden’s cottagecore style is complete without a beautiful bow. Bows on your shoulder ties add an extra dose of sweetness to any spring/summer cottagecore outfit. Take those bows to the beach in a feminine floral swimsuit with ties on the shoulder straps. Far from a pool or the beach? You can take a bow anywhere. Literally. Follow the fashion lead of Kendall Jenner, Olivia Rodrigo, Sofia Vergara, and Busy Philipps who have all worn dresses and tops with sweet cottagecore inspired bows on them.

Celebrities in Cottagecore Bows

Hair Accessories

The cottagecore aesthetic is not limited to just clothes. Far from it. Hair accessories are the perfect additions to any outfit when you just want that hint of cottagecore charm. Olivia Rodrigo has stepped out with butterflies perched on her locks, Elle Fanning, Kiera Knightley and model Elsa Hosk have pulled their hair back with florals, Jennifer Lopez, Sydney Sweeney, Sofia Richie, and Rachel Brosnahan prefer to go with ribbons, and Bella Hadid has swept her hair back with a bandana. You too can top your outfit with cottagecore style by going for a cute bandana, a straw hat, butterfly clips, floral claws, or ribbons on your tresses to add a dash of sweet, country whimsy to any outfit.

Celebrities  in Cottagecore Hair Accessories
Celebrities  in Cottagecore Hair Accessories

Non-Fashion Accessories

Of course, the cottagecore aesthetic doesn’t end with fashion. You can take the charm of cottagecore with you anywhere and everywhere, especially at home. Floral bedsheets, gingham table cloths, tulip glasses, mushroom-shaped mugs and vases are just a few of the fun cottagecore home accessories that you can choose from. 

Want cottagecore style at your finger tips too? Hold a flower in your hand all day with the cutest cottagecore inspired tulip phone case.

Whether you live in the countryside, enjoy the city life or are benefitting from the balance of both, you can get into the cottagecore aesthetic anywhere and everywhere you go. Use fashion as your own form of escape and go for cottagecore clothes for that stylish taste of peace and paradise.



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