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7 Ways to Achieve Soft Girl Aesthetic

Written by Helen Boogzel


Posted on November 22 2021

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Do you love soft girl aesthetic?

This cute, feminine style is dominated by pastels, playful shapes, and a gentle, dreamy vibe. If you want to nail the soft girl aesthetic and you need some inspiration, here are our 7 best tips for achieving the softgirl look along with a few of our favorite clothing items and accessories!

1. Pastel Colors 🌼

What’s your favorite color? If you enjoy soft pinks, purples, yellows, blues, white, or any other gentle pastel color, then you’ll love soft girl clothes and accessories. And if you love rainbows, even better – you’ll fit right in with this aesthetic, and you’ll love the Pastel Padded Jacket or the Pastel Sweetz Ribbed Top

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2. Soft and Cozy 🌼

“Soft” doesn’t only refer to the pastel colors that are common with the soft girl aesthetic. It also refers to clothing and accessories that are literally soft to the touch, like fuzzy sweaters! Touchable fabrics are a staple in soft girl style. Try the fuzzy purple and turquoise Soft Girl Argyle Cardigan or accessorize with the furry Softie Heart Bag.

soft girl aesthetic outfit boogzel apparel

3. Cute Shapes 🌼

Hearts, flowers, clouds, stars, and butterflies are some of the most popular shapes you’ll find in soft girl clothing. From heart cutout tops to flower cardigans, you’ll love the playful shapes that are popular with the soft girl aesthetic. Try the Heart Cut-Out Long Sleeve Tee or some colorful Candy Star Earrings.

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4. Dreamy Vibe ☁️

If your head is always in the clouds, you’ll be able to nail the dreamy vibe with ease! For example, the Impressionism Painting Sweatshirt has a dreamlike landscape filled with butterflies, perfect for anyone trying to create a soft girl aesthetic. And, the beautiful Gone Dreaming Cloud Sweater is perfect for daydreaming!

soft girl aesthetic sweatshirt boogzel apparel soft girl aesthetic cloud sweater boogzel apparel


5. 90s and Early 2000s-Inspired

You’ll find plenty of 90s and 2000s vibes in soft girl outfits. There’s nothing more 90s than these Troll Earrings! And the Flower Power Crop Top has a groovy design that comes straight out of the early aughts. Whether you were a kid during this time period or you weren’t even born yet, you can embrace the adorable aesthetic of these decades.

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6. Youthful and Feminine

Many soft girl outfits would be described as youthful. While it isn’t intended to outright copy children’s styles like kidcore aesthetic does, soft girl aesthetic has many youthful, playful, innocent elements. Cute hair accessories, like our Pastel Snap Hair Clips, are just one example. Novelty handbags like this Unicorn Bag are another way to express your youthful side!

soft girl hair clips boogzel apparelunicor clutch bag boogzel apparel

7. Comfy and Oversized 🍑

Lots of soft girl outfits include a roomy sweater, wide-leg pants in a light denim or trendy color, or other comfy, oversized items of clothing. This makes soft girl one of the most comfortable styles to wear on a daily basis, whether you’re going to school or hanging out at home. Try the Astrid Wide Leg Pants or the Butterfly Cardigan for a cozy, relaxed soft girl outfit.

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