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POP OF RED: How to Style the Viral Red Trend with Trending Aesthetics

Written by Helen Boogzel


Posted on December 18 2023

Red looks good on everyone. It’s why red is one of the best-selling lipstick shades and why you’ll see red clothes on sale every season. A pop of red helps to balance any outfit, whether you’re a fan of the classic ‘90s Rachel Green fashion trends or have an indie aesthetic


At Boogzel Clothing, we love the pop of red trend, adding vibrant candy apple, and wine-red colors to bring a romantic touch to any outfit. You can embrace the coquette aesthetic with red bow earrings or channel your inner Barbie with a red headband. 


 ‘90s Rachel Green fashion trends

We’re sharing our favorite pop of red styling tips, teaching you how to incorporate red clothes into your everyday closet. 

What is a Pop of Red?

The pop of red aesthetic is exactly what it says on the tin. It’s a styling trend that focuses on adding red clothes or accessories to outfits in subtle or unexpected ways. Pop of red outfits are the perfect way to start experimenting with adding more color to your closet or trying viral aesthetics. 


Red is a color that symbolizes action, strength, energy, and passion, with several cultures using it to represent good luck and courage. Wearing red clothes is believed to help boost your motivation levels and draw attention as it radiates a confident energy.


A pop of red can add a seductive but feminine feel, giving you an instant confidence boost. Red is a color to reach for when you want to be the center of attention. 

Pop Of Red Outfits

The pop of red aesthetic is a trick used by stylists, adding one piece of red clothing or an accessory to elevate an outfit. You can go all out with a red satin mini dress or go quirky with a cute cherry hair claw. 

Celebrities and The Pop of Red Aesthetic

Are you looking for styling inspiration for pop of red outfits? Look no further than your favorite celebrities. While some celebrities like Taylor Swift have made red one of their signature colors, other A-listers have mastered the art of the pop of red aesthetic in subtler ways.


Red clothes are a go-to look for Zendaya, who’s famous for wearing dresses that match the red carpet at award shows. Other celebrities who love a pop of red include Hailey Bieber, Ariana Grande, and Florence Pugh.

Are you looking for styling inhailey bieber red outfitspiration for pop of red outfits? Look no further than your favorite celebrities. While some celebrities like Taylor Swift have made red one of their signature colors, other A-listers have mastered the art of the pop of red aesthetic in subtler ways.  Red clothes are a go-to look for Zendaya, who’s famous for wearing dresses that match the red carpet at award shows. Other celebrities who love a pop of red include Hailey Bieber, Ariana Grande, and Florence Pugh.
anya taylor joy red outfit

How to Wear Pop of Red Outfits

Red might feel like a scary color at first. The color naturally draws our attention, which is red clothes are popular for special occasions. Pop of red outfits are an easy way to start embracing the color without making it the center of attention.


We’re sharing our favorite ways to incorporate the pop of red aesthetic into your everyday closet.

1. Easy styling: One pop of red accent

Pop of red outfits don’t have to break the bank. The easiest way to try this trend is with one red accent in your outfit. Start simple with subtle accessories like ribbons and tights before working up to statement pieces like footwear and clothing.


We’ve rounded up the accessories and red clothes that will add a subtle pop to any look. 

a. Red ribbon

Channel your favorite vintage style icon with a ribbon in your hair.  

Our hair clips add a pop of red without the fuss of tying your own bow. 

You can style a red ribbon in hair of any length, whether you have a short bob or Rapunzel-length hair. Clip it into the top of a ponytail or add to the end of a classic fish braid.

b. Red tights

red tights - pop of red aesthetic clothing
red tights - pop of red aesthetic clothing

Swap out your classic black or nude tights for a wine-color pair to add a pop of red to your outfit. Our Heart Mesh Tights are lightweight for year-round styling, making them a coquette aesthetic staple. 


Red tights add warmth to your outfit, brightening your complexion without distracting from the rest of your outfit. 

c. Red footwear

Put your best foot forward with a pop of red. Whether you need a lucky charm or want to shake up your shoe closet, red footwear can elevate a minimalistic outfit or balance out darker colors. 


Mary Janes are one of the biggest footwear trends for 2024 as a wearable alternative to heels and stilettoes. Our red vegan leather Mary Jane sandals are an everyday shoe that are as comfortable as a sneaker. The vintage-inspired silhouette is a feminine fashion staple you can style with everything from shorts to dresses and miniskirts.

d. Red sweater as outerwear

Although red clothes work for every season, we often associate a pop of red with the holidays. You can add the pop of red aesthetic to your winter closet by styling a red sweater as outerwear. It’s perfect for transitional weather when it’s too hot for a coat but cold enough for extra layers. 


Our Vintage Red Hearts Sweater has an oversized fit for easy layering. Style it over a blouse with a Peter Pan collar or pop it over your favorite dress to create the illusion of a two-piece look.


e. Red skirt or trousers

Once you’re comfortable wearing a pop of red, add individual pieces of red clothing.


Red skirts and trousers are easy to style with neutral shades. You can wear them with a white T-shirt or a black sweater for fuss-free outfits. 


red plaid skirt is a staple of dozens of style aesthetics, from Y2K to punk rock. Choosing a pop of red in a print like plaid can make it more wearable, while still grabbing attention.

Red  Trousers Boogzel Clothing
Wine Red Wide-Leg Jeans - Boogzel Clothing

2. Elevated Styling: Red Clothes with Different Hues

When you’ve mastered wearing red clothes, it’s time to start elevating your style.


Monochromatic outfits are effortlessly chic. This fashion trend builds an outfit around different shades of the same color. While it can take a little trial and error, red is one of the best colors for monochromatic styling. 


The popularity of cords and matching sets has made monochromatic outfits a mainstream trend you’ll find in every aesthetic. Choose red clothes that have a subtle change in tone, sticking to either warm or cool shades. Incorporating a print, like our cozy up plaid pants, can add contrast to your outfit.

Pop Of Red Outfit Inspiration

What Style Aesthetics Work with a Pop of Red?

You can add a pop of red to any aesthetic. Red clothes have universal appeal, whether you wear grunge outfits or take inspiration from Y2K fashion.

1. Casual everyday outfits

Linda Sza is a German influencer whose Insta feed is a masterclass in wearing a pop of red. You’ll find dozens of ways to wear red as part of casual, everyday outfits – from red tights to matching wine red accessories. You can recreate this look with our vintage red lacquered bag for a European-inspired look.

Linda Sza Styling Pop Of Red Outfits

2. Downtown city girls

The so-called ‘Downtown Girl’ aesthetic is the romanticization of living downtown in cities like New York.

 It’s streetwear that takes inspiration from everywhere, including the Twilight movies and Lana Del Rey.

 Red clothes are associated with this aesthetic as it captures the autumnal feel at the heart of the style. 

Red  Downtown Girl Aesthetic Outfit
Red  Downtown Girl Aesthetic Outfit

3. Grunge outfits

Red clothes are a grunge aesthetic staple. No grunge girl’s closet is complete without her signature plaid skirt.


 Style with tall socks and classic Mary Janes for an everyday grunge look.

4. Red coquette outfits

red coquette outfit - boogzel clothing
red coquette aeesthetic outfit - boogzel clothing

Coquette is the first aesthetic that comes to mind when we think of the pop of red trend.


This aesthetic is all about romanticism and hyper-feminism. 

Embrace girly motifs like roses, cherries, and hearts for the ultimate coquette outfit. Our secret garden’ tote bag adds a pop of red to your everyday closet as a work or school bag.

5. Preppy aesthetic

The preppy aesthetic is an ‘ivy league’ look that fits right in with the red color trend


This aesthetic is rising in popularity thanks to the ‘quiet luxury’ movement. Red plaid is synonymous with the preppy aesthetic, capturing its traditional look. Add a pop of red to every outfit with our preppy red plaid iPhone case.

Red Preppy Outfit Boogzel Clothing

6. Classic ‘90s style

‘90s trends are no strangers to pop of red outfits. Channel your inner off-duty supermodel by styling red heels  with your favorite denim jeans and a leather jacket. Fans of the ‘90s aesthetic can build monochromatic outfits with red clothes and accessories.

90s aesthetic outfit - pop of red aesthetic
90s aesthetic outfit - pop of red aesthetic

7. Y2K Outfits

Y2K icons like Paris Hilton and Nicole Richie made red accessories one of the biggest trends in the early 2000s

The era also gave us iconic red looks, like Britney Spears’ red jumpsuit in her ‘Oops! I Did It Again’ music video. Our Check Yourself Shoulder Bag is an instant throwback to a classic Y2K trend. 

Y2K Aesthetic Outfit  + Pop Of Red Aesthetic

Add this viral trend to your closet by shopping our pop of red’ edit. Share your pop of red aesthetic online and tag our social media profiles for a chance to feature on our feed. 

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