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14 Most Eye-Catching Y2K Tops for 2024 & Expert Styling Tips

Written by Helen Boogzel


Posted on May 01 2024

Best Y2K Tops for 2024

Y2K clothingThis Spring/Summer 2024, the fashion of the early aughts is what you ought to wear. Y2K clothing is all the rage with Y2K tops taking center stage. Two decades later, there’s no doubt that the Y2K aesthetic is back in full force.

There may be a lot to say about the fashion hits (and misses) of those times but one thing’s for certain, slowly but surely in these recent years, https://boogzelclothing.com/collections/y2k-clothes has been making its way back into our closets.

JLO Y2K Fashion VMAs
Victoria Beckham Y2K Fashion

Some of the most popular celebrities of the 2000’s may have left behind the Y2K fashion trends that they popularized as they continued to soar to fame. The star has never been brighter for long-time icons like Victoria Beckham, Jennifer Lopez, and Beyoncé and now, the Y2K trends they helped create are reemerging in the spotlight.

Today’s younger generation of stars are not only taking the Y2K aesthetic back out into the streets, they’re taking them viral on social media as well. You too can summon your own inner early popstar starting with the most eye-catching and must-have Y2K tops. We’ll breakdown all you need to dress like Jenny from the Block and Posh Spice. Stylist not necessary.

Slogan Tee

In the early 2000's, it was all about statement fashion – quite literally. Before social media ever came along, the fastest way to get your message across was to wear it across your chest on a slogan tee. Y2K fashion's street style uniform and onstage costume was all about the worded baby tee.

Paris Hilton Y2K Top Slogan Tee
Paris Hilton Y2K Top Slogan Tee

The 2024 version of the Y2K slogan tee no longer requires a tight fit. Loose fitting shirts with sassy, tongue in cheek slogans are perfect paired with medium wash jeans. Just ask David’s wife. Actually, don't just ask David's wife.

Victoria Beckham Y2K Fashion Slogan Tee

You can also ask Zendaya and Tashi Donaldson, her alter ego from her latest big screen hit, Challengers. They’ll 100% agree that it’s all about the Y2K slogan tee, wearing it both in the film and in real life. Told ya.

Tank Tops

A simple tank top with its thin straps was a Y2K fashion staple. All these years later and the tank top is still a closet staple and not just for loungewear. Whether you prefer a plain solid tank, a printed version, or a graphic design, you can wear your tank top on its own or layered to recreate the quintessential Y2K summer style.

Y2K Fashion Tank Top Ashlee Simpson, Lindsay Lohan, Jessica Alba

Graphic Tops

Few things are more eye-catching than a graphic top. No matter what the design, may it be a childhood cartoon character, a vintage band, a movie poster, a favorite pet or even a random food item, the Y2K style, bright bold print is sure to grab everyone’s attention.

Paris Hilton and Shakira  in Y2K Fashion Graphic Topops

In 2024, pairing your graphic top with your favorite denim mini skirt, denim cutoffs, or even cycling shorts, and stepping into your sneakers is the perfectly stylish, just rolled out of bed and threw this on outfit.

Country Top

Channel that WAG energy in a Y2K top that leaves no question about which country or city you’re rooting for. Whether you’re cheering from the grand stands, strolling through a park, or going out for weekend brunch, a tank top with your home country or favorite city emblazoned in front goes perfectly with ripped jeans. With the Summer Olympics right around the corner, you can bet it’ll be even more on trend. Athlete boyfriend or husband not required.

Victoria Beckham Wearing  Y2K Fashion Country Tops


It may have originated long before the 2000’s, when everyone seemed to be wearing the cinched top, but the classic corset is anything but dated. In the words of Shakira, underneath your clothes there is indeed an endless story and that story isn’t meant to be kept under wraps.

Celebrities Wearing Y2K Fashion Corset Tops

Take the corset out of your lingerie drawer and wear it out on its own. A simply sexy top, it’s also incredibly versatile. Wear it with a silk skirt, a ball skirt, jeans, leather trousers – the options are endless. We can bet even Taylor Swift would sing that the corset top is the top choice for a Saturday night out or for Sunday’s big game.

Taylor Swift Wearing Corset Tops

Tube Tops

The simply cut tube top is another essential piece of the Y2K aesthetic. Show off your shoulders and collarbones in the strapless number. If you’re feeling extra sexy, go for a cropped version of the tube top and show off your midriff too. For 2024, you can’t go wrong when you contrast the tight-fitting top with a pair of baggy pants or high waisted jeans.

Celebrities Wearing Y2K Fashion Tube Tops
Celebrities Wearing Y2K Fashion Tube Tops


Halt traffic in a Y2K favorite halter top. Hailey Bieber and Bella Hadid are just a few of today’s fashion darlings who’ve tied a chic halter top around their necks. Pairing a black halter top with colored snakeskin printed trousers is just as show stopping now as it was when Sarah Michelle Gellar topped the best dressed lists wearing her Y2K version of it. If something more casual is more your vibe, you can’t go wrong pairing a halter top with your current pair of favorite jeans.

Celebrities Wearing Y2K Fashion Halter Tops
Bella Hadid and Hailey Bieber  Wearing Y2K Fashion Halter Tops

Split Top

Head to splitsville in only the fashion sense. Be the center of attention in the risqué split top that reveals the center of your chest, all the way down to your midriff. Go subtle with small peekaboo’s between bows or buttons or you can also go all out with a widely parted top straight down the middle.

Bella Hadid and Hailey Bieber  Wearing Y2K Fashion Halter Tops

Rhinestone and Crystal Tops

Shine bright like a diamond in an eye-catching rhinestone top or crystal top. In the 2000’s, there was no question that the sparkly number was a favorite among movie stars, small screen sirens, and pop stars alike. Rhinestone, crystal, and sparkly chain mail tops made their appearance on almost every red carpet, whether paired with casual denims, satin trousers, leather bottoms, or a sexy skirt.

Celebrities  Wearing Y2K Fashion Rhinestone and Crystal Tops

Look as shiny, shimmery, and splendid as Zendaya in a cinched sparkly tube top paired with contrasting loose denim jeans or follow Dakota Johnson’s lead in a glittering cropped top with matching shiny satin trousers. You can even follow Kim Kardashian's fashion footsteps, pairing a crystal top with jeans one evening and going for a matching crystal set on another night. You can’t go wrong taking your cue from any of these fashion darlings.

Dakota Johnson, Zendaya and Kim Kardashian Wearing Y2K Fashion Rhinestone and Crystal Tops

Scarf Top

Few things scream Y2K fashion as loudly as a scarf top. Wear the strapless number with the inverted triangle and your fashion game was on point. In fact, even before she went country Beyonce, was already donning a cowboy bandana, albeit as a top. The hit-maker considered it the perfect on-stage material, wearing the quintessential bandana while performing her billboard hits.

You too can go fashionably casual in a standard paisley printed scarf top over jeans. Or, on the flipside, go glam and channel Jennifer Aniston in her silk Prada scarf top and matching skirt ensemble.

Jennifer Aniston and Beyonce Wearing Y2K Fashion Scarf Top

No need to buy a big scarf and have to figure out how to actually tie it securely. We’ve got the best styles that you can easily slip on. Six pack abs not included.

Lace-Trimmed Cami

A lace-trimmed camisole was a sweet sexy thing that you couldn’t do without in the 2000s. The luxe, lingerie inspired top was preferably paired with casual, bootcut jeans for that dressed up but didn’t try too hard vibe. Back in the day, jeans and an evening top made for the ideal going out look. In this case, the evening top was more of a going to bed styled top. Nevertheless, it worked well for both day and night.

Celebrities Wearing Y2K Lace-Trimmed Camisoles

Victoria Beckham was a fan then and still is now. These days, she prefers to wear her black silk lace camisoles with a pair of tailored trousers for a seriously sexy outfit.

Celebrities Wearing Y2K Lace-Trimmed Camisoles

Baseball / Raglan Top

Hit a Y2K fashion homerun in a baseball or raglan top. The style was another Y2K uniform that both stars and starlets shined bright wearing as the paparazzi cameras went off. Back in the day, the Hilton sisters used the bi-colored top to instigate buzz between the teams they were rooting for – in that instance it was the controversial media rivalry between Team Aniston vs Team Jolie.

Hilton Sisters  Wearing Y2K Fashion Baseball Tops

Thankfully, in 2024, pitting women against each other is no longer in fashion but the baseball top is back on trend. Choose any color combination of your preference and wear it plain or choose a style that also combines the slogan trend with wise or witty words designed across it. The casual baseball or raglan top is an ideal choice whether you’re running errands or actually going to a baseball field to watch a homerun.

Layered Tops

Back in the early aughts, style stars and trends setter alike just couldn’t resist the lure of layering. Whether it was a dress over jeans, a belt over a top and a skirt (with no actual belt loops present) or two tops worn over each other, it was really all about piling it on.

Now that Y2K fashion is back, we can appreciate the fact that wearing a dress over jeans has not made a reappearance...yet. However, layered tops are cool again. Play around with various neckline shapes and even the length of your top. With a lot happening on top, keep the bottom chic in tailored trousers or a simple skirt.

Hilton Sisters  Wearing Y2K Fashion Baseball Tops

Butterfly Tops

The one and only Mariah Carey may have spread her wings and prepared to fly back in the late 90s but at the turn of the millennium, the singer’s ripped waist jeans and butterfly shaped, rhinestone encrusted top was still all the buzz. Over the years, the butterfly top has become iconic in its own right and one so closely associated to the singing legend.

Mariah Carey Wearing Y2K Fashion Butterfly Top

It’s clear that today’s most famous popstars are not only inspired by Mariah Carey’s well-known voice and famed career, but also by her era defining fashion. While Olivia Rodrigo wore her own version of the butterfly shaped halter top, it’s Dua Lipa who’s had butterfly wings wrapped around her on multiple occasions. You too can spread your fashion wings and show off your colors in a butterfly top and ripped jeans.

Olivia Rodrigo and Dua Lipa Wearing Y2K Fashion Butterfly Top
Dua Lipa Wearing Y2K Fashion Butterfly Top

Cut It Out

Last but not the least, be a cut above the rest when it comes to Y2K fashion with a cutout top. The Princess of Pop Britney Spears was among the 2000's fashion favorites who cut a fine figure in a cutout top while showing off her best moves on stage.

Britney Spears Wearing Y2K Fashion Cutout Top

The 2024 version of the cutout top can be as simple as a single rip or asymmetric cut out. On the other hand, you can also go all out with a top designed with multiple cutouts and crisscrossed layers. For those who love the look a whole lot, you can even go for a heart-shaped cutout top and go beyond just wearing your heart on your sleeve. Pair your cutout top with leather pants, colored trousers, or a plaid skirt for the full popstar look.

This Spring/Summer 2024, hit the top of the pops when it comes to the latest fashion trends with whichever Y2K top you choose from. At Boogzel clothing, we’ve got every Y2K style you could possibly need to bring the 2000's back to life.

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