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Join the Trend: 21 New Types of Aesthetics Everyone Will Talk About in 2024

Written by Helen Boogzel


Posted on May 23 2024

new types of fashion aesthetics in 2024

You're too young to remember, but before there were aesthetics, there were subcultures. The retro aesthetics of yore, subcultures were largely music and lifestyle-based, but they inevitably also extended to fashion styles. Trad Goths listened to goth music and wore all black leather and lace, Preps were perfectly put together in their pastel polos and boat shoes, Punks had wild hair and were decked out in plaid and studs like their favorite punk bands. 

Where we differ, 40 years later, is that the way you dress doesn't have to reflect the music you listen to, the friends you hang out with, or who you are as a person. We dress up for fun! Much less gatekeeping and accusations of being "posers" this way. With the meteoric rise of TikTok, you may have started hearing about and seeing a million different aesthetics, it seems like there's a new one every day. What's a coastal grandma? What makes girls "soft"? And what does Acubi even mean? I've got your back, here's a cheat sheet of the 21 most popular aesthetics in 2024. 

1. 2014 Tumblr Aesthetic

2014 Tumblr Aesthetic

Millennials may be alarmed at the resurgence of cca. 2014 Tumblr, but no one can deny that the era was iconic. This aesthetic is pure nostalgia for the glory days of what was THE teen social platform. American Apparel is the biggest source of inspiration here (R.I.P.) as well as alt girls dressing soft grunge, indie, or pastel goth. 

Iconic elements

tennis pleated skirts, Arctic Monkeys T-Shirts, sexy halter tops, mom jeans, chunky docs, sheer black tights, glitter everywhere, knee socks, black chokers, oversized denim jackets, emoji prints and space leggings

How to wear it: The most iconically 2014 Tumblr outfit is the American Apparel pleated tennis skirt, paired with ripped fishnets or sheer black tights, scuffed Dr. Martens boots, and a black cropped turtleneck

2014 Tumblr Aesthetic Hairstyle Pink Hair Star Glitter
2014 Tumblr Aesthetic Choker Necklace
2014 Tumblr Aesthetic Arctic Monkeys Album
2014 Tumblr Aesthetic Arctic Monkeys Tshirt Outfit
2014 Tumblr Aesthetic Dr Martens Shoes

Johanna Kuchta, known for her distinct style and social media presence, has been a significant influence on the Tumblr aesthetic. Her look, characterized by an ethereal blend of grunge, vintage, and modern elements, resonates deeply with the Tumblr community.

Kuchta's ability to mix soft pastels with bold statement pieces and layered accessories encapsulates a vibe that's both nostalgic and fresh, inspiring countless Tumblr users to emulate her style in their personal fashion and digital expressions. Tumblr aesthetic, often seen in muted tones and carefully curated visuals, continues to thrive, reflecting a blend of personal expression and a nod to subcultural trends

Johanna Kuchta 2014 tumblr aesthetic

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2. Whimsical Goth

Whimsical Goth Aesthetic - Boogzel Clothing

Like the name says, Whimsical Goth is a goth aesthetic with a side of whimsy. Not as harsh or limiting as trad goth, whimsigoth allows for a certain softness, femininity, and playfulness. A very witchy aesthetic, the most recognizable inspiration for whimsigoth is the 90s cult classic The Craft.

Iconic elements : long hemlines, sheer fabrics, draping, crochet, bell sleeves, flared pants, ditsy florals on a dark background, celestial motifs, especially the moon

How to wear it: A sheer midi skirt or dress with a glittery celestial motif is your best bet here, paired with some chunky black leather boots. You can add an open knit or crochet bolero or sweater - bonus points if it has bell sleeves for the witchy vibes. Pile on the rings and at least one big cross necklace.

Get the look:

3. Office Siren

Office Siren Aesthetic - Boogzel Clothing

However baffling it is to those of us who have been subjected to oppressive office lighting, the younger generation is dying for pencil skirts, tight button-up shirts, and sexy heels, in a rendition of what they think an office job is like. If only. Inspo imagery you may see for this aesthetic includes Giselle's character in The Devil Wears Prada (obligatory viewing for any fashion enthusiast!), and current-day Prada.

Iconic elements : pencil skirts, cinched blazers, pumps, Y2K glasses, claw clips, white button down shirts, slim turtleneck sweaters, vests

How to wear it: This is one of the aesthetics that's easier to wear, since it's based on office wear. A dark grey skirt that's knee length or just below the knee with black kitten heels, and a blazer with a cinched waist captures the essence of this look. Don't forget the thin framed glasses!

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4. Coastal Cowgirl

Coastal Cowgirl Aesthetic - Boogzel Clothing

Coastal Cowgirl has been "cooking" for a while, with Lil' Nas X and Orville Peck being huge influences in making country cool for gen Z, but it took Beyonce to put out her record-breaking country album in order to bring it to a fever pitch. While strongly and obviously inspired by classic country style, the coastal cowgirl is a more polished cowgirl from the city.

Iconic elements: cowboy boots, cowboy hat, blue denim, fringe, cotton, linen, brown leather accessories, turquoise jewelry

How to wear it: This is classic Americana styled in a modern way - natural fabrics, and natural colors. The most important are, of course, the cowboy boots, and, if you're daring enough, a cowboy hat. Don't wear those together if you want to avoid looking costume-y. The coastal cowgirl is more of a linen mini dress + cowboy boots kind of girl.

Get the look:

5. Trashy Y2K

It used to be bad to be trashy, but it turns out, looking "trashy" means nothing more than having too much fun with your clothes. If that's "trashy", then we don't want to be classy. Back in the day, Paris Hilton or Snooki were considered trashy for wearing head to toe pink, or being blinged out. A crime!

Iconic elements : long, tacky nails with a lot of accessories glued on them, hot pink on hot pink, ostentatious branding, animal print, faux fur, bedazzling

How to wear it: To be peak trashy, you need a hot pink baby tee with a slogan on it, maybe something about your ex. If you want to just nod to this aesthetic, then you can keep the rest of the fit fairly subdued and just pair it with a pair of flared lowrise jeans with some bedazzling on the butt. Cute!

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6. Mob Wife

Mob Wife Aesthetic - Boogzel Clothing

Glamorous, distant, and lowkey dangerous, the mob wife is all about old-school glamour potentially acquired with misbegotten funds. Where did you get the money for that huge chunky gold necklace? You'll never tell. The mob wife aesthetic is, of course, inspired by pop culture's favorite mobster entertainment - the Sopranos; or just women from Queens.

Iconic elements : vintage fur coat, pointy black heels, oversized sunglasses, long red nails, chunky gold jewelry, vintage black purse that you could have snatched from your cold dead grandma

How to wear it: Obligatory red lipstick, big hair, and never without animal print, the mob wife is not afraid of making a statement in broad daylight. Big sunglasses, all black outfit, and a vintage fur coat. Fur may be controversial, but it's the non-negotiable element of this aesthetic.

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7. Dark Feminine

dark feminine aesthetic - Boogzel Clothing

The dark feminine aesthetic pushes back against the idea of a soft, light, unassuming feminine presence and fully leans into one's villain era. A modern, subversive femme fatale, if you will. Villain-core to the max, dark feminine is about a slightly perilous edge to an otherwise feminine, enticing, sexy outfit. Inspiration for the dark feminine aesthetic can be found most notably in Sailor Moon villains.

Iconic elements : black heels, dark red lipstick, plunging necklines, sheer fabrics like lace, sheer black tights, sharp accessories 

How to wear it: It's certainly a dramatic aesthetic, and you can go as far as you want with it. But something as simple as a figure-hugging black blouse and a short black mini skirt with black tights and a leather jacket can be dark feminine, while also being a perfectly normal day to day outfit.


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8. Coquette

Any aesthetic on this list can be flirty, but coquette makes that a point in itself, with a sleek, soft, feminine, and sexy look. With inspirations in Lana del Rey's whole persona and the recent renaissance of ornate femininity after years of at-times oppressive, neutral minimalism, the coquette aesthetic prides itself in being unapologetically feminine.

Iconic elements : bows, pink, white, ruffles, lace, satin, pearl details, sheer blouses, mini skirts, corsets, knee socks, mary-janes

How to wear it: The challenge in the coquette aesthetic consists in playing with girlish elements without being childish. The coquette girl aspires to look like a romantic Old Hollywood siren with long, wavy hair, vintage nighties, and pearls. Add white socks and ballet flats for a modern look.

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9. Ethereal Aesthetic

Ethereal Aesthetic - Boogzel Clothing

Dictionaries define "ethereal" as being otherworldly, unique, above this plane of existence, and almost fantastical in appearance. And that is exactly what this aesthetic means to achieve. Dreamy, feminine, and especially elegant, the ethereal look often finds inspiration in fantasy, mythology, and Greek and Roman marble statues.

Iconic elements : light, dreamy colors like white and pastels, long hemlines in langurous, drapey fabrics like satin, silk, or lace, sheer beauties like gauze or tulle.

How to wear it: An everyday ethereal look can be achieved by opting for monochrome fits and soft, heavy fabrics to elongate the silhouette, create the impression of fluidity, and lean into the statuesque vibe, and through subtle draping and intricate details. Embroidery, beading, pearls, and lace accents can all be employed sparingly for a nod to the aesthetic without looking like a very formal gown.

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10. Acubi Aesthetic

Acubi Aesthetic - Boogzel Clothing

Acubi comes from Korean inspiration, mainly from a local fashion brand with an incredibly distinctive aesthetic. Often mistakenly conflated with cyber grunge, Acubi definitely shares elements with it. But in reality, it's more of a minimalist, subversive and understated version of Y2K aesthetic, in that it borrows a lot of those elements, but in a more elegant, pulled back way. 

Iconic elements : neutral, "uncertain" colors like taupe, greige, olive, grey, low rise bottoms, cargos, crop tops, chunky boots, star motifs, cut-outs, layering

How to wear it: The silhouette here is very much tight top, oversized bottoms, so you can't go wrong with a tight top with interesting detailing - asymmetry, cut-outs, faux layering, etc. combined with low rise cargo pants or jeans and a pair of the chunkiest sneakers you can find. The vibe is not "hot" but a feminine utilitarianism, if you will. 


Get the look:

11. Weirdcore

Weirdcore Aesthetic - Boogzel Clothing

Like the name suggests, the Weirdcore aesthetic incorporates lots of "weird" elements on purpose, with the aim of making an outfit that makes people feel uncomfortable, off-kilter, confused, and that may induce a dream-like state. You may recognize elements of Dali-esque Surrealism, as well as a lot of psychedelic motifs and designs. This is one aesthetic that can be seen as political commentary on the state of disillusionment the young generation has with our society. 

Iconic elements : eyeballs, mushrooms, devils, angels, TV static, broken elements, stripes, swirls, pattern clashing, masks, distorted faces, baggy, oversized silhouette, lots of colors, rainbow elements, clashing colors

How to wear it: There are fewer rules with the weirdcore aesthetic than with any other, perhaps. Because the result is not meant to be flattering, but slightly disturbing, there's a lot of freedom in oversized silhouettes, layering, wearing short sleeves on top of long sleeves, and overalls on top, etc. 


Get the look:

12. Plant Mom Aesthetic

The plant mom aesthetic is very effortless, in that it leans into its mesiness, whether it's hair, makeup, or the outfit. Very inspired by artists and hipsters, it's not that the plant mom doesn't care, it's that she values polish less than her more put-together counterparts. Comfortable, slouchy, laid back, uncomplicated, the plant mom aesthetic is very inspired by 80s fashion, and has a slightly unisex bend.

Iconic elements : Graphic t-shirts, denim overalls, and botanical motifs are du jour, as are earth tones and natural fabrics. Linen, cotton, denim, corduroy, and knit sweaters.

How to wear it: Plant Mom is not an overly polished aesthetic, so you can get away with a cozy, voluminous sweater with a pair of denim overalls, preferably cuffed. The socks should be colorful. Finish off the look with Vans or Birkenstocks and a tote bag with a plant motif or from an indie book store.

Get the look:

13. Opiumcore

Of all subversive aesthetics, Opiumcore leans, perhaps, the hardest into the post-apocalyptic. Dark, messy, layered, and downright shredded, it's a little punk-rock, a little grunge, and most decidedly unpolished. Playboi Carti is often cited as the initial inspiration, but we can see other elements that are referenced in this aesthetic. 

Iconic elements : black leather, distressed detailing, shredding, silver jewelry, layering, baggy jeans, "dirty" colors, chunky boots

How to wear it: Shredded baggy jeans are almost obligatory - you know, the kind you're almost falling out of - and they can be paired with a distressed loose top of an uncertain color - is it intentionally taupe? Is it just a really dirty white t-shirt? Nobody knows. Finish off the look with chunky boots and even chunkier silver jewellery. 


14. Grunge Aesthetic

A style of music, a subculture, a movement long before it became an aesthetic, grunge is synonymous with rebellion. It rejects capitalism and the curated, Instagrammable Soft Girls and Coquettes and instead opts for a messy, chaotic, undone, unisex vibe. Obviously, Nirvana, Garbage, Hole continue to be major sources of inspo, as this aesthetic is strongly informed by 90s fashion. If ever in doubt, just think WWCLW? (What Would Courtney Love Wear?)

Iconic elements : plaid, flannel, denim, wool, chunky boots, dark, drab colors, an intentional "unflattering" or unisex look, dark makeup, messy hair, distressing, unraveling seams and knitwear

How to wear it: Unisex Grunge means almost invariably a plaid flannel shirt with baggy jeans, and maybe Converse. If you're leaning more Courtney than Kurt, then a slip dress or a 90s inspired velvet dress with fishnets, and docs fit the bill.

Get the look:

15. Grunge Sleaze

Greunge Sleaze Aesthetic Indie Sleae Aesthetic - Boogzel Clothing

An iconic combo of grunge and what is now known as indie sleaze, this aesthetic seems to have been born entirely thanks to two major 00s IT girl icons: Alexa Chung and Kate Moss. This aesthetic keeps the slightly grimy, sticky look of grunge, the messy hair and unpolished vibe, but it crosses it over with effortless coolness. Grunge sleaze is not here for a long time, it's here for a good time, and it has a seedy, smoker aesthetic

Iconic elements : very short hemlines, fishnets, ripped tights, converse, ankle boots, shorts with tights, distressed denim shorts, biker jackets, messy hair, smeared makeup, clothes that are slightly ill fitting, vintage

How to wear it: If you're going to lean into grunge sleaze, check your polish at the door. A men's jacket is obligatory - leather, denim - and underneath that you have a tiny little top, maybe the lace on it is ripped. Oh you like my top? Thanks, it's vintage. You finish off the look with distressed lightwash denim shorts and sheer black tights.


Get the look:

16. Mermaidcore Aesthetic

Mermaidcore Aesthetic - Boogzel Clothing

There's a certain elegance to mermaids, and that's what we're channeling with this aesthetic. You want to give the impression that you're gliding, in long, fluid, sweeping movements. You're beautiful, mysterious, flowy, and shiny. The oceanic inspirations are undeniable and you can play with it in an overt or more subtle way. The vibe we want is sophisticated - think Iris Van Herpen, not H2O: Just Add Water. 

Iconic elements : oceanic color palette: blues, greens, teals, textured and shiny elements like palletes, sequins, rhinestones, metallic fabrics, beading, precious, ethereal fabrics like organza or tulle, wrap detailing, oceanic motifs

How to wear it: Long hemlines are essential here, because you want to create this imagery of elongation, flow, movement, and fluidity. A long dress or skirt is ideal, but you can also create that impression with a long coat or cardigan. You want light draping. Ideally, your hair is long and wavy, and it becomes a part of the look. 


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17. Cottagecore Aesthetic

Cottagecore Aesthetic - Boogzel Clothing

Inspired by a return to a simpler, more bucolic life in nature, away from the demands and horrors of modern life, this aesthetic is all about comfort, volume, and easy femininity. An echo of its 80s predecessor and vintage holy grail, Gunnesax, Cottacore is often seen as a more “modest” aesthetic suitable for anyone who doesn’t necessarily want to show a lot of leg or cleavage, but still wants to look cute af. 

Iconic elementspuff sleeves, ruffled hems, smocking, tiered skirts, square necklines, closed necklines, oversized collars, bows, ditsy floral patterns, pastel colors & light, gauzy fabrics

How to wear it: You don't have to wear a dress to be cottagecore, but the most obvious route is a midi dress with smocking and puffy sleeves. But a frilly white, floral, or gingham blouse - again with puffy sleeves - paired with wide-leg jeans and a basket worn as a bag can also be a more modern-leaning cottagecore

Get the look:

18. Soft Girl Aesthetic

You can blame Soft Girl for kicking off the concept of aesthetics to begin with. She's very Y2K, but specifically a "soft" version. Lots of pastel colors, cute, kawaii-insired, with cute shapes and animal motifs to be found on both clothes and accessories. She's like the Bratz doll of the aesthetics. Elements of old-schoool 2000s prep are present, like pastel polo shirts or pleated mini skirts.

Iconic elements : crop tops, wide leg pants, pleated minis, chunky shoes, colorful kids' accessories, bold, colorful cartoon-y motifs and accessories, soft makeup, lip gloss, bucket hats

How to wear it: Crop tops and especially cropped sweaters and mohair cardigans are quintessentially soft girl because they give that soft, marshmallow feel that's specific to the aesthetic. Mini skirts are specific to the aesthetic, but you can also opt for wide leg jeans or mom jeans, instead. Add a small bag with a heart motif and colorful butterfly clips in your hair and you're undeniably a Soft Girl icon.


Get the look:

19. Y2K Aesthetic

Seems like this generation is dying to experience bare cracks and exposed midriffs, because Y2K is back in all its bedazzled glory. After what felt like decades of joyless normcore, Y2K sure looks enticing because it's FUN, and in unstable times in history, we tend to get our fun where we can. In this case, it's Mean Girls-esque outfits. Flip phones, bellybutton piercings, and purse dogs all make ideal accessories. 

Iconic elements : baby tees, low rise jeans, small bags, cargos, tiny sunglasses, rhinestones, hair gel, colorful accessories, puka shells, faux fur, corset tops

How to wear it: A baby tee with a cheeky slogan paired with a lowrise pleated mini skirt will never, ever go wrong. Shoes should be either very chunky or minimal and low profile - flip flops! Baggy jeans are also du jour. Good thing flip phones are back so we can fit them into our tiny purses.

Y2K Aesthetic Outfit

Get the look:

20. Coastal Grandma

Coastal Grandma Aesthetic - Boogzel Clothing

Coastal Grandma is not about being bold, subversive, or standing out, but all about comfort and leisure. The Coastal Grandma is not trying to look hot, she wants that rich middle-aged woman life. Icons for this aesthetic include Martha Stewart (after she came out of prison for embezzlement), and Diane Keaton in...well, any movie after the year 2000. The vibes are laid back, unproblematic, and comfortable.

Iconic elements: rattan and straw accessories, high-coverage hats, linen and cotton, Breton stripes, a large bank account

How to wear it: The Coastal Grandma wears a lot of light colors - whites, off-whites, creams, light blues. Think private beach in Martha's Vineyard. An oversized white linen button-down shirt worn untucked over a pair of drawstring linen pants and espadrilles. We want a look that's polished, but practical and unfussy - the most comfortable of aesthetics.

21. Coconut Girl Aesthetic

Coconut Girl Aesthetic - Boogzel Clothing

Coconut girls are bright, happy, tanned, and living their best lives. Or at least, that's what the aesthetic is meant to convey. Coconut Girl is inspired by Hawaii, island life, and an easy, care-free holiday lifestyle. There's a lot of Y2K nostalgia fuelling this aesthetic, with a lot of the specific items being reinterpretations of 2000s accessories like pukka shells, or pastel-colored baby tees.

Coconut Room Decor is inspired by tropical aesthetics, designed to bring the essence of summer relaxation into your living space. This style encompasses more than just apparel; it creates an entire room atmosphere. Decor items include soft pillows, lamps, and wall decorations in soothing pastel shades with palm motifs. You can explore and purchase these pieces at Roomtery 

Iconic items or elements : bright colors, like aqua, pink, or orange, bucket hats, straw accessories, wrap skirts, towelling, beads, temporary tattoos, halter tops, colorful hair

How to wear it: Coconut Girl can certainly be made city-friendly. Colorful, flippy mini skirts can be worn anywhere, paired with cute strappy tops with island motifs like palm trees or flowers. Even the more beachy items can be reworked; a bikini top can very well be worn with lowrise lightwash flared jeans, a pair of platform flipflops, and a flimsy crochet top for a bit of coverage.


Get the look:

Coconut Girl Room Decor
Coconut Girl Room Decor
Coconut Girl Room Decor

In 2024, fashion aesthetics continue to evolve, blending nostalgia with modern flair across 21 diverse styles. From the throwback charms of the 2014 Tumblr Aesthetic to the serene vibes of Coastal Grandma, each aesthetic offers unique elements to express individuality. Dive deeper into these trends by exploring related blog posts on aesthetics to keep your style fresh and informed.



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